06 February 2010

Football and Furthur

I saw bob weir and phil lesh play music tonight, went with my cousin, in downtown miami. it was a relatively small place, oudoors, and all around was a great view of miami's skyline, which i barely recognized. the music wasn't bad, i must admit. the guitarist did Jerry better than most of them, and the sound was good for an outdoor show. it's a good lineup this time and the music came together more than the last time i saw them.
it's still not the same though. never will be.
coming back from the show, we passed by the Intercontinental, which is where the New Orleans Saints are staying for the Super Bowl. We went into the lobby for a while, until they kicked us out. Then when we were outside, we saw Reggie Bush entering the hotel through a side door, without going through the lobby. We wished him luck and he thanked us. Cool.

05 February 2010

Back in the USA

it's a little weird being here.
it's nice to see everyone but i'm looking forward to going back to my apartment in mumbai soon.