27 June 2009

we’re off (but not by much!)

plans are actualizing nicely. as of to-day, i no longer live in oakland, or anywhere really. I finished up my work at school, although i’ll always consider myself part of that community, and I’ll always do tech support for them. we put much of our stuff into storage, sold some of it in front of the house, and gave away some more. my blushing bride sold her car, and mine is packed with backpacks and clothes, mosquito nets and first aid kits, flashlights and sleep sacks and swiss army knives.
we made it down to LA fine, and we leave here sunday night, but right now i am crashing hard. we’ve had a wild few weeks, and while H has worked far harder than i, i’m exhausted, as much emotionally as physically. lotsa changes very quickly. I have so loved the bay area and the people and the music. but all things must end!
i don’t know if i mentioned it, but i got married the other day! pictures will trickle in, but it was an amazing, whirlwind, perfect day. thanks to all who came.
more soon!

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