25 July 2009

An Indian Joke

Heard this joke today. Let me know if it works without the heavy accent, cultural context, and curious syntax.

An Indian man, a British man, and a Chinese man were working in construction, and every day they took their lunch together on the roof of the building on which they were working. Every day, they ate the same thing. After a while it became too much, they couldn't take the monotony of their lunches any more, and all 3 jumped off the roof to their deaths. Their wives were grieving together, and the Indian wife said, "if only he would have told me he wanted something different, I would have prepared something new each day!" The British wife said similarly "I too would have made a different lunch for my husband if he had only told me!". The Chinese wife then said, "I don't understand, my husband prepared his own lunches!"

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