02 July 2009

riverboats in iowa, rain in michigan

we visited LeClaire, Iowa this morning, a sweet little town on the mississippi river where the riverboat history echoes like a steam whistle. we saw the buffalo bill museum, as colonel cody was born there, and climbed aboard what's left of the last working steam paddleboat. we drank coffee at a soda fountain while the mark twainy-looking 3rd generation proprietor regaled us with tales of the town's triumphs and turpitude and warned us about various tourist scams worldwide, including the one where someone gives you a baby to hold while her partner picks your pockets. we'll have to look out for that one.
then we broke bread with a FOH who lives in davenport. we showed her some video of the wedding and told the story of the running of the bulls. like all FsOH she was totally great.
now we're driving, getting close to our destination. it's raining a bit; first rain we've seen all trip. we'll stay in michigan a few days, and then head out for Florida. we leave for India in a fortnight.

I'm posting from my bhaktiPhone, sitting in the passenger seat of my car.

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