30 July 2009

why did the mongoose cross the road?

to get to the snake on the other side!
saw a mongoose running across the road today, we had no idea what it was at first, until our driver said "enemy of snake". it was long and tubular, kind of like a ferret.
We spent a couple lovely days in Pushkar, a holy city around a lake, very small, very chill. the travelling has been a little rough. on the way to Pushkar we had about 7 flat tires. On one delay we stopped in a small village and had a great time hanging out with the village children for a couple hours while waiting for our driver to return with a tire, or bolts, or something. took a bunch of great photos, will upload when we can.
i have a bit of a head cold, and heather has an upset stomach, so that's been a little rough too, but it's no big deal, don't worry everyone!! i'd make a joke about it not being malaria, but you at home might not think it very funny. really, it's fine. and we just checked into the Hotel Natural in Udaipur in deep Rajasthan. It overlooks a lake in the mountains; it's quite lovely, so this is a perfect place for a couple days of recovery!

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