23 September 2009

home sweet home

okay, i’m happy to say that i officially live in mumbai. long ago, it was my will to live here in india, and now it is no longer a dream. the process was easy, actually, because i had a lot of help. my friend Dee, another volunteer for the same organization, introduced me to a broker, who drove us around looking at places for rent. the first few were sad, because our price range was so low, but then he took us to a place a little further west, near nicer, hipper neighborhoods, and by the beach. but we couldn’t get in that day, so we made plans to meet the next day.
that night, heather left for LA.
we decided that she would go back to the states for a couple months to work, and then come back. the idea had been brewing for a few weeks. between a few clients, and the fact that it’s high school entrance exam season, a couple months of work there could sustain us for another 6 months or more. we’ve been spending more than we planned, so we had to do something. and she’s an angel for doing this for me, for us. did i mention i have the best wife ever?
of course it’s been terribly hard being apart. even though we spent so much time apart in california before we were married, this feels different, much harder, much further. since the wedding we’ve spent almost all our time together, and it’s hard to be apart.
anyway, the next day i went back to the place on the beach, and it was nice, but small. but the owner said he had another place nearby, so we went to look at it, and that was the one. the owner turned out to be a great guy, i had a much better feeling about him than about the brokers that introduced us, and he was willing to negotiate a price with which we could live, so i told him we’d take it. it’s 2 rooms, with a small bathroom and narrow kitchen, but it has tv, air con, and easy internet hookup, the rooms are a good size, and the location is great. we’re paying 15,000 rupee a month, which is about US$309. it’s walking distance to the beach, there’s a nice promenade that is very popular at sunset, there’s even a bandshell with live music at times. it’s on a market street, with shops of all kinds, and fresh fruits and vegetables, and close to nicer parts of town with fancy stores and restaurants and coffee shops. and there’s a bagel shop nearby that’s a great cafe, with wifi, when it works. the apartment needs a little work; we have to get a fridge, fix the ac, get the sink fixed, but the landlord will help me with all of it, and by the time heather returns, we’ll have a nice home here.

here's our address. please write!!!! i'd love to receive some snail mail.
bhakti and heather
flat #202
moti ram niwas, bobdi house
ram mandir road
danda, khar (w), mumbai 400 052

and while i'm at it, my new mobile number is
976 890 3200
US callers dial 01191 before the number

there's no voicemail, so if it doesn't work, it's off for the moment. try try again.

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